Ledgex Pro Private Investment Tracking

Track Commitments Without Re-entering Transactions
Track commitment funding automatically, with details from Ledgex Pro Mission Control.

We built Ledgex Pro Mission Control to integrate into existing platforms. Ledgex Pro Private Investment Tracking takes full advantage of that timeliness, quality, and confidence to track commitments, performance, and other aspects of your private equity portfolios.

Automatically Track Commitments

Transactions entered and reconciled in Mission Control automatically flow into Private Investment Tracking, with details on overall commitments, individual calls, and each recallable amount.

Private Investment Tracking Dashboard

Group Multiple Ways

Access to all of the information you need, with report grouping on levels like legal entity, portfolio, manager, and more.

Measured how you need it

Return measures specific to alternative investments, including IRR, MOIC/TVPI.


Access a report catalog that includes critical reports including the state of your private investments, individual investment performance valuations, historical performance, and more.

Data Exports

Export your Private Investment data for additional analysis, with several Excel export formats.

Suite Integration

Connect Ledgex Pro Private Investment Tracking with the whole suite to take advantage of seamless integration of financial data and master Investments, Legal Entities, Portfolios, and Financial Accounts.

Full Audit Trail

See the full history of every transaction and revision, back to the original entry and approval in Mission Control.

Interested in faster commitment tracking, without extra manual entry?