Ledgex Pro Beneficial Ownership

Making complex relationships easy to manage

Unravelling a family member’s ownership in trusts, portfolios, and other legal entities can be a daunting task.  With Ledgex Pro, you can not only visualize the relationships, you can manage workflows related to a given entity with indicators that let you know when information requires attention at a given level.  Look through reporting ensures you can quickly answer questions from any beneficial owner; performance, exposure, liquidity, and other insights are just a click away.


Create dashboard views to share with individuals via their own portal access, or to have on hand to quickly provide frequently requested information.


Quickly validate a beneficial owner’s stake in a given entity, not only through direct ownership, but also indirectly through nested relationships.

Data Exports

Easily produce and export Balance Sheets for a given beneficial owner.  All information available for reporting can be exported to Excel, CSV, or PDF formats.

Ledgex Exports

Full Suite Integration

Mission Control is designed to provide a better data quality foundation for your office. Combine it with our General Ledger, Performance & Analytics, or Private Investment Tracking modules, and take advantage of seamless integration of staged transaction data, Investments, Legal Entities, and more.

Let's start the office with better quality, pre-reconciled data, every day.