Ledgex Pro Performance & Analytics

Performance that is Timely, Accurate, and Transparent.

Mission Control unlocks the ability for Performance systems to provide better quality, more frequent visibility into our portfolios.

We’re building a Performance & Analytics solution to tap into the full potential of that data.

Does Mission Control support my current Performance & Analytics package?

Absolutely! Mission Control integrates into a wide range of Performance and Accounting systems. Contact Us to discuss the specifics.

What does Ledgex Pro Performance & Analytics offer?

While the flexibility, timeliness, and quality you receive with Mission Control is available for any platform, there are extra dimensions to the data that can provide confidence and analytics that haven’t been available before Mission Control and we’re uniquely positioned to help you move quickly with them.

Enter Transactions Once

Unlock an additional dimension from your data.

Patent-pending additions plus standard features such, as:

Ledgex Pro Performance Dashboard

Real-Time TWR performance tracking

Track time weighted returns (TWR) on investments and portfolios on a real-time basis. Run TWR calculations for any investment or portfolio and for any date range.

Introducing the Confidence Index

Does this sound familiar: You have just delivered a performance report only to find that the underlying data was flawed or out of date, calling the entire reporting package into question. As industry veterans, the team at Ledgex has been there and experienced your pain.
Our patent-pending Data Confidence Index makes it easy to identify shortcomings or inconsistencies within the underlying data used to create essential portfolio and performance reports.

Market Value Change History

Export Everything

All data is also exportable through the interface so what you see on the screen can be leveraged in external application like excel.

Multi-Asset Support

Support transaction, market value and performance of hedge funds, private partnerships, marketable securities and SMAs

Intuitive Import

Easily import data into the system through intuitive import functionality. Allows users to quickly setup groups of investments and other portfolio data without having to input through the user interface.

Interested in unlocking even more confidence and insight from your data?