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Ledgex Pro is the first platform for multi-asset allocators that enables you to directly challenge the data quality concerns of our space; increasing timeliness, accuracy, and confidence throughout your investment office.

This is a game changer. We have the structure of our accounting process and the flexibility of timely, best available numbers, without entering data in three places.”

More control over your data, with less effort

Enter and stage data before releasing it to the rest of the office. Gain full transparency on the quality of the data, revisions, corrections, and approvals.

Market Value Change History
Up to date Performance values

Performance that is Timely, Accurate, and Transparent

Performance over portfolio and custom groupings, insight into the source and age of the data at every level, and fresh analytics available as each number is entered and approved through Mission Control.

Double-entry shouldn't require double-typing

Accounting is foundational to the investment office, so we built a foundational system that automatically generates ledger entries for every transaction entered, reconciled, and approved one time in Mission Control.

Enter Transactions Once

It's time to challenge the data quality status quo