Ledgex Pro Debuts Advanced Portfolio Analytics and Modeling Capabilities for Alternative Investment Organizations

Fully integrated solution provides front to back data management with ABOR, IBOR and knowledge day reporting; Adds advanced analytics, performance pacing and liquidity modeling


WALTHAM, Mass., October 20, 2021 – Ledgex today announced groundbreaking enhancements to Ledgex Pro, a multi-asset class portfolio accounting solution built by investment pros for foundations, endowments and family offices. New features include advanced analytics and modeling capabilities for performance tracking, liquidity and private investment pacing models, position rebalancing, as well as richer reporting and tighter integration with the suite’s proven accounting tools. Ledgex Pro enables asset allocators to fully leverage their data and confidently report on positions and performance from transaction capture and valuation to general ledger and accounting to analysis and modeling.

Ledgex Pro is the most comprehensive offering to date for alternative investment organizations, providing everything they need to manage diverse portfolios from front to back. The solution lets asset teams manage both accounting and investment books of records (ABOR and IBOR) in a single solution. This greatly streamlines workflows as teams only need to capture and reconcile data once, and can build upon this foundation to deliver powerful new insights.

Ledgex’s primary mandate is to solve a critical problem investment offices face daily – having true confidence in the quality of diverse portfolio investment streams and their ability to view and manage data across multiple views. All data is backed by Ledgex Pro’s Confidence Index, a set of advanced algorithms that calculate the level of confidence in the underlying data. This presents critical portfolio details in a whole new light, eliminating countless hours asset managers spend chasing and proving data quality, allowing them to instead focus on analyzing and unlocking new insights for stronger performance.

Ledgex Pro is powered by a proprietary data engine, Mission Control, that records data once and ensures it is intelligently published to the appropriate downstream systems for more accurate general ledger, private investments tracking and performance and analytics reporting. New analytics and modeling capabilities include:

  • A comprehensive library of reports for portfolio management and performance tracking including linked and annualized returns, contribution/attribution, draw down measurements, risk metrics, comprehensive exposure reporting and more;
  • Portfolio modeling capabilities for stocks, private equity funds, hedge funds and private investments;
  • Advanced liquidity modeling scenarios reflecting custom liquidity gates, lockups and terms;
  • All new pacing modeler allowing flexible capital call/distribution scheduling and simulation to provide invaluable cash flow forecasting for private investment allocators; and
  • Easy-to-generate reports and analytics on-demand in visual and engaging formats, including heatmaps for fast, at-a-glance understanding.

“From easy transaction capture to detailed reporting, our technology gives alternative investors the ability to more effectively manage assets, gain greater understanding with multi-dimensional data views, make better decisions and control their positions,” said Nicole Eberhardt, chief strategy officer at Ledgex. “With these enhancements tightly integrating our latest innovation with our proven tools, foundations, endowments and family offices can take on any sized portfolio.”

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